Cows And Horses Witched


The writer was told the name of the farm where the following events were

said to have taken place, but he is not quite sure that his memory has

not deceived him, so he will only relate the facts without giving them a


A farmer had a good mare that went mad, she foamed at the mouth, rushed

about the stall, and died in great agony. But this was not all, his cows

kept back their milk, and what they
could extract from them stank, nor

could they churn the milk, for it turned into froth.

A conjuror was consulted, and the farmer was told that all this evil had

been brought about by a witch who had been refused milk at his door, and

her mischief was counteracted by the conjuror thus consulted.

Occasionally we hear of injured persons retaliating upon the witches who

had brought about their losses. This, however, was not often attempted,

for people feared the consequences of a failure, but it was,

nevertheless, supposed to be attainable.

I will relate a few instances of this punishment of witches for their

evil doings.