Gwrach Y Rhibyn Or Hag Of The Mist


Another supernatural being associated with water was the Gwrach y

Rhibyn. She was supposed to reside in the dripping fog, but was seldom,

if ever seen. It was believed that her shriek foretold misfortune, if

not death, to the hearer, and some even thought that, in a shrill tenor,

and lengthened voice, she called the person shortly to die by name.

Yr Hen Chrwchwd, or The Old Humpbacked, a fiend in the shape of an old

woman, is thought to be identical with this Gwrach y Rhibyn.

In Carmarthenshire the spirit of the mist is represented, not as a

shrivelled up old woman, but as a hoary headed old man, who seats himself

on the hill sides, just where the clouds appear to touch them, and he is

called Y Brenhin Llwyd, or The Grey King. I know not what functions

this venerable personage, or king of the mist, performed, unless it were,

that he directed the mist's journey through the air.